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Updates V 5.0
Updates V 4.0
HyGEARS 4.0.405.70 Update  
HyGEARS 4.0.405.80 Update  
Latest changes to HyGEARS V 5.0 
17 January      2017
9 April             2017  (reposted  on 11 Oct 2021)
29 November 2017  (reposted  on 16 Sept 2020)
09 September 2019 (reposted  on 16 Sept 2020)
09 September 2020 (reposted  on 26 September 2021)
27 September 2021 (reposted on 04 October 2021)
04 October      2021 (reposted  on 29 Nov 2021)
Build 500.00 and on
HyGEARS Setup                                
HyGEARS User Documentation
HyGEARS Training
Hardlock Key driver   
Network Hardlock Key driver  
HyGEARS 5.0 Demo     
 Pdf document with instructions how to install HyGEARS.
 Pdf document with the printable User Documentation.
 Pdf document used for Training
HyGEARS needs a Hardlock Key specifically programmed for each customer. Download & install this driver to allow HyGEARS to communicate with the Hardlock Key.
A special Network Hardlock Key and Driver are needed to run HyGEARS  in a networked environment, i.e. the Hardlock Key is physically attached to  a server, different from the computer on which HyGEARS is running.  Download & install this driver to allow HyGEARS to communicate with  the Hardlock Key in Network mode.
 a HyGEARS executable (Build 500.00) valid for 15 days.
 Some features are restricted.