Kinematic Functions

HyGEARS offers many ways to visualize, analyze, and improve gear sets: 


  • Path of Contact:                              displays the path of contact (PoC) on the tooth flank;
  • Bearing Pattern:                              displays the unloaded Bearing Pattern on the tooth flank;
  • Bearing Pattern (LTCA):            contact stresses (Hertz), maximum shear stress, depth of maximum shear stress, mesh temperature increase due to friction, lubricant film thickness;
  • Bear. Pat. Development:                unloaded Bearing Pattern on the gear tooth and provides tools to modify the Bearing Pattern by proportionally modifying the Pinion machine settings; for straight-bevel, Coniflex, spiral-bevel and hypoid gears ; 
  • Sliding Speeds:                                  unloaded Bearing Pattern on tooth flank and adds the sliding speed vectors to the Bearing Pattern;
  • Ease Off Surface:                           unloaded Ease Off Surface with the PoC and the Bearing Pattern.
Cylindrical / Bevel / Hypoid Gear Design, Analysis and Production Control Software
                                                          with 3, 4, 5Axis CnC Gear Manufacturing

HyGEARS™ V 4.0