HyGEARS creates, displays and prints TCA and LTCA Grids, which show the Bearing Pattern or the Transmission Error curve, for different combinations of E, P, G, misalignment, shaft angle and run-out experienced by the gear set.

Such Grids allow an immediate assessment of the operational envelope of a gear set, and which manufacturing and installation tolerances are the most critical.

Shown below is such a Grid where E and P are modified in combinations. Obviously, the  E-P combinations along the diagonal from top-left to bottom-right are not a problem; however, the E-P combinations along the top-right to bottom-left diagonal are to be avoided.


Cylindrical / Bevel / Hypoid Gear Design, Analysis and Production Control Software
                                                          with 3, 4, 5Axis CnC Gear Manufacturing

HyGEARS™ V 4.0