Contact Element

HyGEARS integrates a Contact Element for the detailed analysis of contact pressures. The Contact Element is fully automated, and requires no user intervention:

· The Contact Element function subdivides the instant contact zone in a grid of cells (right figure); cell dimensions are automatically adjusted from the current tooth dimensions and contact area;  




· the deformation in each cell is calculated according to pressure distribution (mm, right figure); an iterative process is used to calculate the exact pressure distribution (MPa, bottom figure);




· the analysis can account for surface deviations, obtained from CMM data, and thus can help in pin-pointing highly loaded and problematic spots on tooth flanks (MPa, right figure).


Cylindrical / Bevel / Hypoid Gear Design, Analysis and Production Control Software
                                                          with 3, 4, 5Axis CnC Gear Manufacturing

HyGEARS™ V 4.0