STEP Export

HyGEARS offers a direct export facility to any CAD/CAM software through the STEP interface.

With the click of a button, HyGEARS creates a STEP file that can be read by any CAD/CAM system. Thus, tooth topography can be imported to create exact CAD models of gear sets, and gearboxes, or to manufacture prototype gears or replicate gears by micro or end-milling on Universal 5 Axis CNC machines.

The STEP export facility uses B-Spline Surfaces, thereby eliminating the discontinuity in slope between neighboring facets. Fillet and tooth flank are separate surfaces to prevent inversion in curvature.

The STEP interface was positively tested with Solid Works, Unigraphics, Pro-Engineer and Open Inventor.






The figures above shows one tooth, three teeth, and all the teeth of a Spiral-Bevel pinion in HyGEARS. In HyGEARS, the tooth surface is represented as a series of flat facets,  delimited by 4 coordinates, which are visible on the tooth (left figure above).

The figures below depict the same models as above, but were imported in Solid Works through the HyGEARS STEP interface. Surface continuity is obvious.


Cylindrical / Bevel / Hypoid Gear Design, Analysis and Production Control Software
                                                          with 3, 4, 5Axis CnC Gear Manufacturing

HyGEARS™ V 4.0