No-Tilt Spiral Bevel Gears

In HyGEARS, it is possible to create spiral-bevel gearsets where cutter tilt is not used, thus allowing the use of inexpensive generators such as the YH603.

 To compensate for the lack of cutter tilt, the pinion and gear blade angles are selected such that the Bearing Pattern is properly centered on the tooth flank, and Transmission Error is kept at a minimum.

For example, the top-right figure shows the kinematics of a 14x39, 3.5 mm module, generated spiral-bevel set.  Both the pinion and gear require cutter tilt for manufacturing.

The bottom-right figure shows another 14x39, 3.5 mm module, generated spiral-bevel gear set. However, no cutter tilt is needed as the pinion and gear cutter blade angles were selected to provide adequate Bearing Pattern and Transmission Error.

Clearly, both gear sets display similar kinematics, but the one cut without cutter tilt allows greater flexibility in manufacturing.


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