HyGEARS™ V 5.0

When Spiral bevel, Zerol, hypoid and straight bevel gears are created, some choices are made within HyGEARS and the resulting kinematics reflect these internal choices. 
The choices can easily be modified using the HyGEARS "Contact Pattern Development"interface where the location of the Contact Pattern (CP) along the tooth flank, the bias of the Path of Contact, the Backlash and the Transmission Error can be modified to the user's desires.
For example, figure below, the CP on the drive side (Gear Convex-IB) is moved towards Toe (Horizontal Position = 35% of face width) and that on the coast side (Gear Concave-OB) is moved towards Heel (Horizontal Position = 65% of face width), in anticipation of the changes occurring under load.
The resulting Contact Patterns appear below.
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