HyGEARS offers an advanced post-processor for manufacturing on multi-axis CnC machines from any manufacturer with one of 5 popular controllers. Tool movements are displayed and animated on screen for easy assessment; part programs, generated on-the-fly, are uploaded to the CnC machine's controller.
Supported tools include Face Mill cutters for spiral-bevel gears, Coniflex dish-type cutters for Coniflex straight-bevel gears, and End Mill, Ball Mill, and CoSIMT tools (i.e. Conical Side Milling Tool). Tools are user-defined.
Face milling of spiral-bevel gears include the popular Gleason Duplex Helical, Fixed Setting, Spread Blade and Formate cycles. Furthermore, the Semi-Completing cycle offers more flexibility as it allows using the same Face Mill cutter for different gear modules.
Cyclo-Palloid gears (optional) can only be milled.
Face milling cutters for spiral-bevel and Coniflex straight-bevel gears can be purchased from leading manufacturers. In particular, Iscar (Israel) and P.Horn (Germany) make tools with cutting blade inserts which are replaced when worn out, eliminating the need for blade grinding and adjustment.
Gear milling is realized with End Mill, Ball Mill and CoSIMT tools and results in identical topographies to what is obtained using Face Mill cutters . Deburring and chamfering are performed using the same tools.
Cutting cycles are saved in Operations which can be organized in Process sequences where all the tool calls and movements are contained in one sole file: the machine operator need only follow what is going on !
5Axis CnC
HyGEARS V 5.0 offers advanced features to support the design, analysis and manufacturing tasks of the gear engineer.
Easy Interface
New Designs
Closed Loop
The HyGEARS interface is all point-and-click. All results are shown graphically in pre-defined multi-window displays for quick and precise assessment in both imperial and metric units. No hunting around for results !
New gear geometries are quickly and easily created through an intuitive interface where only the most basic data is required. If you are unsure of your starting values, defaults are provided for the other inputs such as to allow for a quick start.
HyGEARS offers an advanced interface to "develop" the initial gear design to suit the engineer's needs. Contact pattern location, bias of the path of contact, and Transmission Error can be modified to achieve specific goals.
HyGEARS reads both the KIMoS Kip and CAGE Spa files, such that importing existing spiral-bevel gear designs does not result in a typing nightmare. And KISSSoft output files (in ASCII text format) can be used to populate the New Geometry window.
All gear types are analyzed for their basic kinematics, such as the Ease Off, Contact Patterns, and Transmission Error. Even splines, Curvic and Hirth couplings have contact patterns.
The Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (optional) module gives a precise assessment of the contact and bending stresses for a given pinion torque. It has been calibrated against BECAL and is a very good friend to the gear engineer.
The tooth topography can be exported as STEP files; tooth and cutter blade sections as DXF files. KIMoS neutral data file export and BECAL interchange are offered as options.
HyGEARS generates the nominal grids for the most popular CMMs available on the market (Gleason, Klingelnberg, Zeiss, Leitz, MdM, Mitutoyo). The CMM output can then be used in Closed Loop to eliminate manufacturing errors or in Reverse Engineering to replicate an existing part or to analyze the kinematics of an existing gear set.
CMM output can be read in HyGEARS to calculate modifications in order to eliminate manufacturing errors. This applies to all gear types and supported machines, even in 5Axis.

HyGEARS™ V 5.0

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