CAGE SPA and KIMoS KIP files imports

HyGEARS™ V 5.0

HyGEARS imports existing spiral bevel, Zerol and hypoid designs that are already available either in CAGE Spa files or KIMoS Neutral Data files (either standalone ".Dat" files or database "Kip" files)
This of course saves significant time of manually entering data, which is always error prone.
The result is immediately displayed on screen and all the usual HyGEARS functions may now be applied to the imported geometries.
The figures below show the top-most part of a CAGE Spa file that was imported in HyGEARS and the resulting TCA (no-load kinematics) display. The imported geometry is given a default name, based on the original CAGE Spa file name, followed by character string identifying the process used ("FinCutFromSpa" means Final Cut from a Spa file).
HyGEARS will also read KISSSoft output files in ASCII text format to import the relevant data required to create the desired gear set.
For example, the left figure below show a KISSSoft output file that is read by the HyGEARS New Geometry function where all the input values have been extracted from the KISSSoft file. The right figure shows the different tabs of the New Geometry window where the KISSSoft values populate the necessary input fields.
The user can then select the desired cutting process, preferred tool dimensions, etc. before creating the geometry.
This applies to spur, helical, Face, spiral-bevel, Zerol, hypoid and straight bevel gears. It saves time and effort, especially so that the required data is not given in contiguous locations in the KISSSoft files.
KISSSoft output-file import
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