HyGEARS™ V 5.0

STEP files are often requested when creating gear sets so the designs can be incorporated in CAD models and drawings. Likewise, DXF files are needed when dressing a grinding wheel for a finishing operation.
HyGEARS offers both options.
For example, figures below, a Z2 High Ratio Hypoid pinion is displayed in HyGEARS, and as imported in a CAD software from the HyGEARS generated STEP file.
HyGEARS display                                                             STEP file imported in CAD
Likewise, the figure below shows the DXF export of the Face Mill cutter for the above pinion. The green section of the DXF is the actual cutting blade, the center of the cutter is at the left of the picture, and the segments above the cutting edges are flarings for the grinding wheel dresser to get away from the cutting edges.

HyGEARS exports point clouds in a "neutral data format" which are read and processed by ZGH Suite (from ZG Hypoid GmbH; info@zg-hypoid.de) and/or in programs from FVA GmbH (www.fva-service.de).

ZGH Suite is an advanced analysis program for the load capacity of bevel gears which can be used to perform variation calculations of bevel gear macro geometry to achieve the optimum load carrying capacity in accordance with ISO 10300. The results can be fed back into HyGEARS to obtain the dimension sheets, machine settings and micro-geometry.

BECAL (from FVA GmbH) is an FEA tool for bevel and hypoid gears of all types as well as some other gear types. The left figure below shows a differential gear tooth as modeled in HyGEARS; the right figure shows the same tooth after import in BECAL via a point cloud file.

BECAL can be driven by ZG Suite or FVA Workbench. BECAL results include:
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