5Axis CnC Manufacturing

HyGEARS™ V 5.0

Gear manufacturing can be performed on 3, 4 and 5Axis CnC machines, using various tools such as:
all of which are supported in HyGEARS. The main limitation for Face Milling will be the tool spindle torque versus the tool diameter and part module, whereas milling with End and Ball Mill tools can typically be done on any machine.
A significant advantage to CnC manufacturing is the vast machine offer in terms of manufacturer, size, price, capability and support.
Plus, on several machines, it is also possible to turn the blank prior to generating the teeth, resulting in handling and time savings. Follow this link for an example where the Face Milling and deburring operations were programmed through the HyGEARS 5Axis CnC interface while the blank turning program was written by the user.
HyGEARS offers a large array of cutting cycles for all the aforementioned tools, on any CnC machine driven by one of the following controllers:
The HyGEARS post-processor is adaptable to all CnC machines, both in Work and Machine coordinates, and Closed Loop support is integral.
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